Yesterday vs. Today

I woke up this morning and noticed the world seems to be running just as it was yesterday.

Looked at my wife and I love her just as much as I did yesterday.

Looked at the church down the road and it seems to operating just as it has been yesterday. Additionally, my faith seems just as strong today as it was yesterday.

Honestly, zero changed for me personally between yesterday and today, except millions across the country now have the same rights I do when they love someone. And that fills me with a tremendous amount of pride for humanity and America. We’re slowly becoming a more perfect union over time, even if we take a step backwards every now and then before sprinting two steps forward.

Thank you Republican presidential candidates for yesterday making my 2016 decision easier, since just about all of your are disqualified in my eyes after your statements regarding the Supreme Court’s decision. Yesterday wasn’t one of the darkest day’s in American history, it was one of its brightest.

Soldiers in Pine Grove Cemetery

When walking through Pine Grove Cemetery just down the street from my house with my wife and nephew, I came across something I hadn’t noticed before. Thanks to the American Flags next to each one, I discovered a section of soldier graves. I moved in closer: Amazing to look at. Even found a grave of a Medal of Honor recipient from the Civil War, Henry F. W. Little:

The statue in this section was a monument for those who fought in the Civil War, although most of the graves were for the  World Wars. Took this neat shot laying down, capturing a flag, the statue, and a tiny moon. 

 Final shot is a panorama of the section:


In Defence Of WordPress

I’m very impressed with how much easier it is to maintain WordPress than back in the day. Especially when it comes to automatic updates.

The internet is verbally attacking WordPress again. I read a lot of hate towards WordPress for its latest security vulnerabilities that have become public. What I don’t see is praise in how those updates are handled and distributed to its millions of users. Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities The last 2 weeks, 3 major security releases have […]

Source: In Defence Of WordPress

31-Day Journal Challenge

I have tried in the past to write a journal, but just couldn’t get the habit to stick. This time, I’m using an Art of Manliness article on jump starting a journal to inspire and keep me on track. The great part about the article is it suggests 31 different themes, one for each day, to write about and help start a habit.

To help keep me on track, I have added each day as individual tasks in OmniFocus, complete with a description, each due date set for the proper day in advance, and any appropriate reading material links:

OmniFocus view showing each entry for the 31-day journal challenge
OmniFocus & the 31-day journal challenge, content from Art of Manliness

I also added several tasks (you can see one in the above screenshot) to write follow up posts on this blog. Next one will be at the seven-day checkpoint.

For my journal, I’m using Day One, which allows me to write it from anywhere and add pictures & audio to the journal from my iOS devices or Mac.

Let’s get writing!

One year with a safety razor

I just realized today that just over a year ago (April 25th, 2014 to be exact according to Amazon), I bought my first safety razor, blades, and shaving cream. I honestly thought it had been longer. It’s by far the best shave I have had, always close and comfortable, never cutting myself.

But what I’m really curious much money have I saved?

The initial costs were:

Mercer Classic Safety Razor, Straight: $32.46
Personna Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count: $17.12
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin, 5.3-Ounce: $15.18
Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush: $12.95
Grand Total: $77.71 or $6.47/month for 12 months.
Equipment: $45.41, of which the safety razor lasts forever and the brush reportedly can last ten years.
Consumables: $32.30 or $2.69/month for $12 months.

However, that $2.69/month number is assuming that I consumed all of those blades and the shaving cream in the past 12 months and that I’m doing a new order of both now. Truth is, I haven’t come close to consuming either in the past year, especially when it comes to the blades.

Since I have a beard, I only shave the lower half of my neck with the safety razor, which prolongs each blade’s life and I shave twice a week usually vs. every day to reduce irritation on my neck. I’m guessing I have only changed out 15 blades so far, at most. The box is still very full and probably will last me another three years easily.

The shaving cream was definitely used more, but there is still a fair amount of it left in the container. I’m guessing this will last me into the fall before I need to reorder that.

What’s the true cost per month so far? I’m going to assume I’ve consumed about $2.56 worth of blades and let’s say $9 of the shaving cream. Factoring that in brings my consumable cost for year one to: $11.56 or $0.96/month for 12 months. For a closer and far better shave. It’s not even a contest vs. disposables.

Why did anyone move from safety razors to disposable razors in the first place?!?!