About time

You would think that the Red Sox entering Coors Field would be a good thing, especially for the bats (sorry pitchers). The chances of the Red Sox not putting up numbers that were echos of last season were pretty much nill. Of course, the Red Sox managed to lose their offense (and pitching) the first two games of the series.

Yet the moons aligned again and today we treated the Rockies with a 11-0 knockout. I suppose it is how you finish the series, not how you began it. Derek Lowe pitched in my eyes his best game of the season (0 ER in Coors!) and the offense finally clicked.

I really hope this team can turn this win into something really positive, something that can give the team a collective jolt so they can blow through San Francisco and start playing the baseball they were meant to play.

For the first time all year, the team is as close to 100% healthy as one can reasonably expect. Nomar (3-5, 2 runs, a triple today) and Trot (2-3 today) are back. The offense is long overdue to unleash the juggernaunt. This pitching staff has been also scuffling for awhile, although recently things have been much more consistant and better. I really feel this club is ready to put together a great 2nd half run. We are at the 98 game mark and have yet to play our best baseball. I think we are in great shape to win.

One thing to watch is how well Nomar is playing. I hope he hits the lights out of that ball the rest of the season and take today’s game as a very encouraging sign for him. 99% of the fans out there are not concerned about who on the team will be back next year, they are more concerned about winning this year. Whatever Nomar does from now till the end of the season, wherever this team ends up going, Nomar I feel will learn that those who matter most (the fans) respect him 100%. I hope he stays…of any Red Sox player he deserves to end his career where it started: here.