Barry Bonds is wrong

I haven’t had a chance to write about this even though the story has been out there for a few days. Barry Bonds’ comments about racism in Boston have struck a raw nerve for me and I can’t hold them back.

I will be free to admit. Boston hasn’t exactly been innocent of racism in the past half century. It is very embarrising to say the least. The last team in Major League Baseball to have a black player on its roster. Bill Russell’s constant struggle while playing for the Celtics and so on. It is very sad.

However, in the past 20 years or so, Boston has been one of the most caring cities when it comes to race. The people of Boston these days love those who do their work and try their best, regardless of race. The Boston Celtics, Red Sox, New England Patriots, and even Bruins have had many beloved athletes who happened to be of a minority race. Countless minority fans show up at the ballparks, arenas, and stadiums to watch these teams.

Barry based his comments not on personal experience, but on what his dad’s experience was during his career. His dad lived in a different era and the Boston of then is completely different from the Boston of today. If Barry ever played as a Red Sox, he would be as loved as any other athlete in Boston sports history (unless this BALCO stuff turns out to be true). Right now, a guy with a .307 OBP (Pokey Reese) but as gold of a glove as you can get is 3rd in jersey sales this season, no small feat considering that Pedro, Manny, Nomar, Curt, etc. are on the team.

Barry, if you are going to be a jerk, at least get your facts straight. Your way off base here. It is improving. Maybe if you weren’t such a jerk you could realize that. Very sad.

2 thoughts on “Barry Bonds is wrong

  1. I have to agree with Barry Bonds and his comment about the Boston area. Of course everyone in Boston is not prejudice, but the roots of racism are still very much alive and well, and as a black man, I would not want to live there either. Texas is another place that still has serious problems with racism. A lot of people want to puch racism under the rug, and say it doesn’t exist anymore. Who are you kidding? In many areas, racism is not out in the open as it was in past decades, but now it is more behind the scenes. I have spoken with numerous individuals the past seven years who have had uncomfortable racial related experiences in that area. I have been to the area once. My company sent me out there for software training, and I had a most uncomfortabe experience as well. I was sitting alone eating dinner in the hotel, and had to put up with a gentleman sitting a the bar who was very loudly expressing his unfavorable views of blacks and hispanics, and not necessarily using those words. Not only was this person speaking loudly and having his peers agree, no one else appeared uncomfortable or asked him to stop. Being alone, and getting increasingly uncomfortable, I took my meal elsewhere, and as you may understand, took this experience as yet another confirmation of the attitued in the Boston area.


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