Getting WordPress to prompt you for the "title" of a link

In my quest to slowly customize WordPress to fit my needs, I have been looking for an easy way to create links with the “title” attribute when creating a post. Out of the box, when you click the link button when writing a post you are prompted just for the http address, not for the title.

Luckly, someone on the WordPress Support forum also wanted this feature and wrote a very simple piece of JavaScript so anyone using WordPress can do it. This little hack will make WordPress prompt for a title as well.

In your wp-admin directory, you want to open quicktags.js (a JavaScript file). Look for a function that starts off like this:

function edInsertLink(myField, i, defaultValue) {
if (!defaultValue) {
defaultValue = ‘http://’;

Make sure you delete that entire function, then go to the post on the WordPress Support forum to get the exact code (sorry, for some reason posting it on my blog breaks it badly).

Then save and upload the file back to where you got it from on the server. Then go to the write page in WordPress (make sure you refresh the window, sometimes web browsers use a cached copy instead of downloading the latest). Instant title attributes in WordPress.