Return of the IE development team?

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog much today, but oh well 😉

Several blogs and now Slashdot are starting to buzz around the Internet about the possible resurrection of the Internet Explorer development team.

Are the “Browser Wars” truly back? There hasn’t been two heavyweight browsers that are being improved at the same time since the late 1990s. Only time will tell (and several versions, since Microsoft never gets things right the first time).

This can only be good news for those in the standards crowd (which includes me). More browsers that are standards-complaint = more cooler things you can do with web browsers. Competition is always good.

The only thing left to do is to actually have a new version of IE released. Right now, any thought of a new version is vaporware.

One thought on “Return of the IE development team?

  1. I like your Freudian slip : ” are standards-complaint” – yes it is a common complaint to be more compliant 🙂

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