Top 10 List

A list of things fast food companies should do, but many don’t:

1) Include napkins: First of all, a fast food place should include a napkin in the first place. You don’t know how many times I ordered one of those fast food meals that requires a napkin by your side, yet none are included.

1a) Include more then 1 napkin: When I order 3 Big Macs, 3 fries, 2 Crispy Chickens, and a McFlurry so myself and 3 others, having more then 1 napkin total is kinda vital as much as I like sharing the napkin with everyone.

2) Tell me the price: Dunkin Donuts (yes you) are a great chain, but how hard is it to tell someone when they order what the price is before they pull up to the window? This is supposed to be quick service, yet if I have to spend a half minute counting change after spending five minutes between ordering and getting to the window, you would think this would be common sense to tell the price beforehand.

3) Custom orders: When I say I want a #5 PLAIN with a Coke, I don’t want a #4 loaded with a Dr. Pepper.

4) Credit Cards: Sometimes I don’t have cash on me. Only Burger King (sometimes) allows me to pay by credit card.

5) Newly cooked: Yeah, if something is a tad cold, I don’t suggest serving it to your customers. Just a suggestion, what do I know.

6) Hello, Thank You, Goodbye: Yes, McDonalds and company aren’t exactly pillars of great places to work. But here’s a hint: if you say hello, thank you, and goodbye have a nice day like you really mean it and say it at all times, I may come back! If I come back, that means more money for your salary and that could also mean a chance for a raise for you.

7) Cold Bagels: Dunkin Donuts, I understand you want the drive-up window to go fast. But somehow the Dunkin Donuts in my hometown can cook both the breakfast sandwiches and toast bagels being just as busy as the one here in Manchester, yet the one in Manchester forces thecustomer to take a cold bagel when going through the drive-up window. Small hint: the 20 second sacrifice in time is well worth making the customer happy. Combine this with my suggestion about telling the price beforehand and we all win!

8) Weird orders: If I give an unordinary order, don’t stare at me like I am the devil. Thank you.

9) Did I forget to mention the napkin thing?

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  1. In Scotland (not sure about the rest of the UK) nearly every McDonald’s accepts credit cards, only a few burger kings do and not seen cards taken at KFC

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