This has been what I am waiting for

In the past week, everything at work took a sudden change. Most of the summer, I had been doing the same job that I pretty much had been doing during my 1 year internship, although I had a few new tasks here and there. Then a triple-wammy: I was given a work cell phone (before, I never had one and only had a Nextel walkie-talkie one when my boss and I had to talk on the road). Then I was told that my work wants me to start studying for my CCNA certification. Finally, I was told I would begin tagging along to one of our most important clients a few times a week.

Looks like they want to see what I am really made of. Forget graduating from SNHU, I am probably going to do just as much if not more studying now as I prepare for the beginning of my certifications.

I am extremely excited about this new chapter in my career. I have always loved working with technology and for whateve reason, the networking aspect of it excited me the most. This is hopefully the beginning of something special.

Weird Microsoft error

Talk about a weird error:

“WMI ADAP was unable to process the .NET CLR Networking performance library since one of the data blobs reported to have classes but had zero size.”

Saw this error in the Event Log of a server I was doing updates to. You would think Microsoft could come up with a better name then “data blobs”

Windows XP Service Pack 2

I have gotten my hands on a copy of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Last night right before I went to bed I slipstreamed the service pack, burned a new copy of XP, and reformatted my computer. Stay tuned to a full report on how it’s working!

Firefox 0.9.3 & Thunderbird 0.7.3 Released

While Mozilla-based browsers have far less security problems compared to a certain web browser that dominates the market, there is still occassionally a few security bugs (usually minor ones) that pop-up here and there.

Today, Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3 and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.3 were released to address some security issues. It would be smart to update your system(s) to prevent possible future problems.

WordPress news

A few WordPress related things:

Check out his awsome theme by Michael for WordPress. Many WordPress fans are already calling for this to become the default WordPress theme. Nice stuff!

Also this great post titled “Weeds in the Garden” by WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg about why WordPress blogs have much less problems with comment spam compared to other blogging systems such as Movable Type. I must say, I maybe average one spam comment every month.

Oh where oh where have I gone?

Ok, I suck. It has been nearly a month since I made a full-fledged blog post. Where have I been? Extremely busy working full-time for the rest of my life. Plus living with my girlfriend means we always are out somewhere in Manchvegas, watching the Sox game together, shopping, and doing chores. So my blog posts in the past month would have been extremely rushed at best if I posted. So I decided not to.

I’m going to try and be more active on my blog. We will see.