This has been what I am waiting for

In the past week, everything at work took a sudden change. Most of the summer, I had been doing the same job that I pretty much had been doing during my 1 year internship, although I had a few new tasks here and there. Then a triple-wammy: I was given a work cell phone (before, I never had one and only had a Nextel walkie-talkie one when my boss and I had to talk on the road). Then I was told that my work wants me to start studying for my CCNA certification. Finally, I was told I would begin tagging along to one of our most important clients a few times a week.

Looks like they want to see what I am really made of. Forget graduating from SNHU, I am probably going to do just as much if not more studying now as I prepare for the beginning of my certifications.

I am extremely excited about this new chapter in my career. I have always loved working with technology and for whateve reason, the networking aspect of it excited me the most. This is hopefully the beginning of something special.

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