Week 3

Week 3 of the office football pool and I came within one win of winning the entire week. So far, I have picked 11 wins out of 13 games this week, just one win behind the the person in first place. Catch is, there is no way I can force a tie: the person in first place picked the same team I did for Monday Night Football.

Sole possession of second place this week is nice if I end up winning tonight. There is a four-way tie for third place with ten wins, so the best way to keep second place is to win tonight. Go Washington!

This week has also pushed me near the top of the season standings, with 30 wins, just 2 behind the pool leader and in 6th place overall. Its good to be pretty consistant.

Was just comment spammed

WordPress took care of the rest.

26 comments spammed, only 3 leaked through without actually being tagged for me to approve them. 30 seconds thanks to WordPress’s great comment moderation system and poof, they were gone and deleted. Add 5 more seconds to add the one keyword that managed to leak through (“grants”) so there won’t be any spam that gets posted next time around.

Total time wasted: 35 seconds.

Star Wars

The DVD’s for the trilogy absolutely rock. I still have to watch the ending of The Empire Strikes Back and all of the Return of the Jedi, but I absolutely love them.

ESPN Motion

I noticed that ESPN Motion for Mac has been launched. It appears that using some clever DHTML, CSS, and Flash, a once IE-only technology has now expanded to just about all popular Mac browsers (Safari, Firefox, and Mozilla have better support then IE for Mac!).

This brings up the question…if ESPN Motion works in Firefox with Flash installed, then why the hell can’t Windows users who use Firefox (ie: ME!) be able to use this wonderful piece of technology?

I refused to use ESPN Motion when it came out because it was IE-only (IE these days is reserved for Windows Update only for me). I still don’t use it today, despite wanting to.

I have a feeling we maybe seeing ESPN Motion for the rest of the browser world very shortly. Great job Mike Davidson for laying the groundwork.

The Verdict: Moving sucks…Condo Rocks!

Well, I am officially been moved into our new condo over 24-hours. Katie and I determined that we were moved in around 5pm yesterday since that is when both of our parents and my brother left and we had a decent amount of the apartment setup.

It has been a long time since I have been this sore. My lower back was bothering me a little and so was my hamstrings, but other then that I am in good (if tired) shape.

The condo looks superb. Chalk this one up to Katie (for having much better sense setting things up compared to me) and her Dad (who kept this condo in excellent shape). Everything went to plan, our cost for the cargo van that we used to truck stuff over here was actually cheaper then anticipated, and Comcast setup the internet 3 hours earlier than expected.

We are still unpacking some boxes (although our living room looks normal now instead of being a warehouse) and we have a few more things left to get at the old apartment, but things are looking so nice.

Almost packed

We are almost completely packed…pretty much waiting for Katie to pack her clothes.

Tomorrow is the big move. Hopefully it goes well. If everything goes to plan and if Comcast shows up, I should be back online tomorrow night and will post how everything went.

Hopefully well…