Week 3

Week 3 of the office football pool and I came within one win of winning the entire week. So far, I have picked 11 wins out of 13 games this week, just one win behind the the person in first place. Catch is, there is no way I can force a tie: the person in […]

Was just comment spammed

WordPress took care of the rest. 26 comments spammed, only 3 leaked through without actually being tagged for me to approve them. 30 seconds thanks to WordPress’s great comment moderation system and poof, they were gone and deleted. Add 5 more seconds to add the one keyword that managed to leak through (“grants”) so there […]

ESPN Motion

I noticed that ESPN Motion for Mac has been launched. It appears that using some clever DHTML, CSS, and Flash, a once IE-only technology has now expanded to just about all popular Mac browsers (Safari, Firefox, and Mozilla have better support then IE for Mac!). This brings up the question…if ESPN Motion works in Firefox […]

Almost packed

We are almost completely packed…pretty much waiting for Katie to pack her clothes. Tomorrow is the big move. Hopefully it goes well. If everything goes to plan and if Comcast shows up, I should be back online tomorrow night and will post how everything went. Hopefully well…