Comcast rocks

At least in Manchester, Comcast has had incredible customer service.

In my current apartment in Manchester, I just pay for broadband (Cable TV is included in rent). I called Comcast tonight (Wednesday) and asked about transfering my service to the new condo (also in Manchester) Katie and I are moving to on Sunday. Not to mention, I needed Cable TV added to my service since cable isn’t included with rent at the condo.

The lady at Comcast couldn’t be more helpful. She put my new address into the computer, prepared the setup of my new services at the condo, scheduled someone to install my cable service on Sunday between 3 pm-5 pm, AND would disconnect my current service on Sunday.

So basically, I won’t be experiencing one second of downtime (well, there might be a delay between the services being disconnected and then connected back up that day, but no one will be using them since we are moving in).

Normally, the lady said people should call ahead two weeks to schedule a service move. I somehow managed to accomplish this with four days notice. She was even amazed there was an opening on Sunday for the cable guy to come by and install everything.

Nowthat is what I call service 🙂