Firefox geek factor

Some people apparently think that to use Firefox they have to be a geek. Well, my thoughts on that are that with its base install, Firefox is to me just as user friendly if not more user friendly then the competition (sorry Opera fans). It is by far the most user friendly setup for a browser I have seen since I started using web browsers (way back in 1994-1995 with Netscape 1.2). Firefox gives anyone the ability to add “geek” features, but guess what…you only have to go down that route if you want to, Firefox is not forcing you too.

The only geek parts of Firefox that are present by default from what I can tell is:

  1. RSS feed icon: definite geek feature as djst claims, but it isn’t in your face for sure thanks to being tucked away neatly in bottom right-hand part of the browser window.
  2. Upgrading: probably the last big hurdle to overcome when it comes to simplifying Firefox. I have lost count how many times I have heard of profile problems that are usually due to upgrading. The solution of deleting your profile and recreating it is way too hard for the normal end user and will probably frusterate them so much they end up going back to another browser. There has to be some way to prevent profile corruption. Then there is the need to uninstall Firefox manually before installing a new version of Firefox to ensure a clean upgrade. It is too much work for most people and I don’t see one warning in the installer about this. Since this is so important, the installer should handle the uninstall chores automatically (including saving your plugins) when you upgrade or at the absolute least prevent you from installing a build before you uninstll an old one.

Not that bad of a list eh? If that is all I can come up with, then Firefox is extremely close to achieving its goals.

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