Hurricane Frances

My girlfriend, my parents, and I have been watching the news coverage of Hurricane Frances for now the second straight day. Of course, there are varying reasons. My dad’s parents have fled their mobile home outside of Tampa and are now just outside the Georgia border waiting for the Hurricane to pass by. My girlfriend’s mom lives in Palm Bay, which is extremely close to where the Hurricane’s eye is currently located. She joined her co-workers who are camping out in their office building.

I cannot remember a hurricane who has be so slow moving across the state of Florida. It is really amazing that a hurricane is moving just 8 m.p.h.!

I must say though, I am extremely impressed with CNN’s coverage of the hurricane. While for political news CNN is fading away (sadly), for weather coverage it is among the best. Great interviews, perfect live shots from the areas affected, and great explanations by the weather crew on what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen.