Random thoughts

A few random thoughts on this beautiful Labor Day:

  1. Is there any better desktop wallpaper site then Webshots? Properly configured (i.e: no tray application, no random changes of wallpaper, etc.), it is a wonderful piece of software and is free (up to 5 wallpaper’s a day). Best part about it, no adware/spyware installed and no ads, not to mention it works flawlessly with Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Katie and I are beginning to think about our big move to the new condo in a few weeks. Might do some packing tonight, if we aren’t lazy (i.e: chances of not being lazy = 1%).
  3. I absolutely love iTunes. The only music application anyone should ever have installed. However, thanks to that blood sucking monopoly, I installed Windows Media Player 10 the other day to make sure I can still using streaming online with no issues.
  4. Yankee Candles kick ass. Got an awsome Macintosh scented one with two car air fresheners for like $17 total.

Blogging is fun again for some reason.