Weird observation

Katie and I went out to the Olive Garden tonight for dinner. The meal was quite excellent as always from this fine establishment. While waiting for our table, I noticed a group of three teenage girls (estimated age around 16-17 years old) come into the resturant. Like any normal person, I guess one would assume that they would go to the counter and put their name of the list. It isn’t something that people normally would think about.

Instead, all three went straight to the restroom without breaking stride or showing a hint of hesitation, like that was their #1 priority from the moment they decided to go to the Olive Garden. “Oh ow, that’s a great idea! We can go to the Olive Garden and like go right to the restroom!”

Now I understand that they might want to relieve themselves. Ok fine. However, considering there was a hour and twenty minute wait for a table, you would think that at least one of them, seeing the large amount of people waiting (I’d say thirty or so), would immediantly head to the counter to put in a name and then go to the restroom.

Instead, they all go to the restroom (I am not even going to get into the thing about why teenage girls must go to the restroom in groups of at least three. This is most pronounced during 1) lunch at high school and 2) school dances. It is like they are afraid of someone following the in. It has always baffled my mind). Katie claimed that they were most likely making sure they looked good in the mirror. Being a guy, this just creates more unanswered questions like “why can’t this be done in the car before they walk in or gasp at their home?”

When they get out of the restroom ten minutes later, they head to the counter. Of course, they find out that there is a hour and twenty minute wait. Instead of saying the intelligent response of “Ok, I understand, maybe we should go somewhere else since we are hungry” or even “Wow, we should have put our name in when we got here!”, they say this gem:

“This is unbelievable. How can there be a hour and twenty minute wait?”

Being the geniuses they are, they leave the place bitching and moaning about the wait.

I looked around at the thirty or so people waiting for seats and rolled my eyes to my girlfriend.

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  1. I made this observation way back when I was high school and all of my friends back then agreed. We couldn’t figure out stuff like this back then and probably never will.

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