Advice on elections

Pretty interesting article today about the U.S. getting election advice from outsiders. From former President Jimmy Carter to election observers from Europe and other areas of the world (Tajikistan!?!?), they are trying to help the U.S. fix any lingering issues with making sure votes count, voters who should vote can vote, elimination of voter fraud, etc.

Of course, there are some who think that since the U.S. is perfect, there is no need for observers:

“What do foreign observers bring to American elections?” Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Florida, wrote to constituents. “We are not a country suppressed by tyranny and aggression; we are a free nation built upon a foundation of citizen democracy.”

Very true, we aren’t a country full of tyranny and aggression (despite what many think of Bush). However, we aren’t perfect either. There is always areas to improve. There are always new ideas to try out. Fresh eyes, who don’t work within the American voting system since they aren’t citizens, are required. Just like any good project at school or work sometimes needs an outside review to get over that line that separates “good enough” and “spectacular,” even the U.S. needs some outside help sometimes.

Why is it that some Republicans feel that any advise from the outside is worse then not making sure every voter has his/her’s vote count?

I maybe a registered independent. Sometimes, you just look at a group of politicans and just laugh at their own stupidity. Its really sad.

What makes America great is how we should allow outside opinions of our system of goverment and voting process. Even our Founding Fathers, who built as close to a perfect system as you could get in my view, aren’t 100% perfect.