Armageddon Series Part III

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, who represent the greatest rivalry in sports, enter another chapter of it tonight. For the third time in history, the two hated rivals will face off in the American League Championship Series for the right to go to the World Series. The Best of 7 series (first team to 4 wins) will decide the AL representative to the World Series.

Who will win?

Many argue the Yankees, since they have had something like a 26-0 championship run since the Red Sox last won in 1918. The core of the Yankee team, at least in their lineup and fielding positions remains nearly the same the Yankee teams that have won the American League East for 7 straight seasons and produced 4 championships. The manager is the same. Of course, the owner is the same and has $190 million reasons to think this team will add #27.

Others think that the third time is the charm, that the Red Sox’s date with destiny is upon them and they will finally pave the proper route to a World Series victory. Many in Boston believe that the only way the Sox can win their first World Series since 1918 is to go through the Yankees in the playoffs. Here is their shot to get rid of those ghosts of the past. Plus, for the first time since perhaps those famed Red Sox teams before World War I, the Red Sox actually come into the series with the better pitching rotation and a better lineup. Is this the Sox’s last hope at breaking the so-called “curse.”

1999: Yankees win in 5 games
2003: Yankees win in 7 games, including a thrilling/gut-wrenching extra inning walk-off HR by Aaron Boone to win Game 7
2004: ?

Prediction (as a totally biased and fanatic Red Sox fan): Sox in 6