Eye exam Part 2

So I go to the eye doctor (a new one since I moved to Manchester) for the first time in a year (interestingly, this is the first time I ever went under my own insurance and not my parents, but no one cares about that). Turns out, my astigmatism in my left eye is so bad that my new eye doctor was shocked my previous eye doctor never gave me special contact lenses that correct for it. The difference when I tried the new contact lenses for my left eye is absolutely astounding. I went from not being able to read the top line (biggest letters) of the eye chart with just my left eye to reading the bottom line.

I had been getting a lot of little headaches lately, which I think now are directly related to the fact my right eye had to work overtime to compensate for my left eye.

So far, it feels as if I just got glasses for the first time. Wow 🙂