Game 3

At 2 PM this afternoon, myself and my co-workers will be heading to Fenway Park in a limo to witness in person Game 3 of the ALDS between the Angels and Red Sox. It will be the first game that I have attended in two years (July 4th, 2002 was the last game) and the first ever playoff game I have attended.

Every Red Sox game I have attended in my life hasn’t even come close to the protential this game holds. I have seen the Blue Jays in their prime (1993-1994, including a game 8 days before the strike started), the A’s when they were decent but fading after their World Series years (McGwire and Canseco), and the lowly Devil Rays (doesn’t matter what year I put for them, they suck). None of those games come close to what I will see this afternoon.

The only thing that could beat this game? An ALCS and/or World Series game.

I’m in heaven.