Godspeed Red Sox

A Tribute: This one is to…

All the former members of the Red Sox starting with those newcomers to the 1919 team till the present 2004 squad, who sometimes were dozens of wins away from even sniffing a world series or were within a heartbreaking out or pitch of breathing it. Hundreds, if not thousands, have walked onto the lush green grass of Fenway during that time period…none have done it as the ultimate victor…only 4 teams were even in the series to have a chance, all were a mere out or outs away from victory.

All the members of Red Sox Nation…living or dead, just born or just hanging on. Your inspiration, dedication, love, hate, and fear have held this franchise together over the years. Whether you were an original Royal Rooter to someone who saw the great #9 play to a brand new baby who looks curiously at grown men playing “just a game,”this one is for you.

To the forgotten members of the 5 World Champions we already own. One of them stands out, but all of them made it possible. May they guide us to the world series and beyond.

May the baseball gods guide that little round white ball to the proper gloves, to the proper gaps, to the proper seats.

May the best team win. The Nation is forever behind you. To become a champion, we must comfront the Yankees in Game 7 and never back down, never go down without a fight. We will win.

Godspeed Red Sox.