The Greatest Game I Have Ever Saw

Guys, I ain’t lying…

This was the greatest game I have ever saw.

I was in section 22, right behind home plate about 20 rows back (just were the 2nd deck roof starts).

Perfect view of the park. The only part I couldn’t see was the deep left corner by the monster (about feet).

We were up 6-1 at one point, then the Angels came back. The Guerreo grand slam just ripped the heart out of the crowd for about an inning or two. Then all the sudden, things got crazy as it got to the 8th, the 9th, the 10th innings.

I don’t think I sat down after the 8th inning started.

The feeling around the park was electric. It was like you were hard-wired to every member of the 35,000+ crowd. Myself and one of my co-workers were just going crazy with the adreline rush. Every pitch, every out could be the difference.

I have never felt anything close it in my life.

Then the Ortiz HR. Over the monster. Oh my god. I just went crazy at once. The whole crowd went nuts. If it weren’t for the cops, we would have been on the field. It was unbelievable.

My co-worker and I (we had different tickets from our other co-workers) sprinted up the steps, slapping every hand we could find. People in the 70s, 40s, 30s, pre-teens, even preschoolers…you name it, they were going just as crazy.

Most people were still standing at their seats when we ran. We ran all over the 3rd base side of the park, then ran underneath the seating bowl into the concession areas. Screaming at the top of our lungs, hitting every single hand we could find with ours, we weaved our way all over the park. RIght now, it feels like it was all a blur.

Then we got outside and ran around the park. Down Yawkey Way, behind the monster, everywhere. Screaming, clapping hands and hugging people. Even clapped hands with Boston police in full riot gear (ok that might have not been so bright, but hey, I’m human).

My god, I swear I didn’t lose the adrenaline rush until after we ate dinner at a REALLY expensive seafood resturant. I still feel it right now typing this.

By far the greatest experience I have ever had. UNBELIEVABLE!

Now…bed sounds good

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