Bye bye tire

So I’m heading from a client back to the office today, pull into the office parking lot, and step out of my car. Much to my surprise, I heard the sound of air hissing. Of course it was coming from my left front tire. Luckly, the last time this happened I got road hazard coverage for my tires. Man was it worth it.

I paid when I got the tires originally $6.00 per tire for road hazard coverage. This is what it would have cost me had I didn’t buy that and ran into this issue today.

New Tire = $44.64
Valve Stem = $2.99
Tire Balance = $10.99
Total Price = $58.62

The air leak was caused by a metal piece (almost like a staple) that was stuck in the side of the tire, tearing a thin cut about 1 to 1.5 inches long vertically on the tire.

Thank you road hazard coverage.

Total cost today: $0.00