It's that time of year

Thanksgiving was a blast (especially seeing all of my family and relatives). Seemed like old times. Missed Katie though, as her mom came up so they celebrated together with Katie’s sister. Still, it was a great time.

My mom, brothers, and I all went out to Black Friday. Guess we are card carrying participants now. Woke up at 3:30 am to get in line at a couple of stores before everyone showed up. Danny and I were 4th in line at the store we went to, while my mom and Justin were 1st or 2nd I believe at the other store (names stripped from this post to protect the gifts purchased). Some really great sales this year (although not as good as last year). What is up with me getting all shopping crazy now? Anyways, Katie’s gift was purchased because of the strategy of waking up at 3:30 am, so she better appreciate it. Will write more about it after Christmas.

So now it is the Christmas season. Katie and I purchased our first Christmas tree (fake) at Target for $39.99, complete with lights that came on it. The tree is up now and all lit up. Of course I put an already wrapped gift to Katie underneath. She absolutely went crazy trying to figure out what it is. She has no idea and is going to be shocked 🙂

I purchased an automatic light timer with the intent of using it to control the outside christmas lights we have strung along the balcony outside of our apartment. That way, they are off durign the day (when it is an obvious waste of electricity) and on when it is night (not as much of a waste of electricity). Problem is, I just discovered it was not to be used outside. Anyone have any suggestions for outside ones as I plan to return these and get replacements tonight.

So relaxing music is on, the decorating is almost complete, and I am already sick of this stuff! It’s that time of the year.