Konfabulator for Windows released

One of my favorite Mac OS X programs has been released for Windows. Konfabulator allows you to have widgets (which are now cross-platform) that appear on your desktop, doing different tasks such as watching the weather, controling iTunes, monitor your CPU, etc. Its a really cool thing to check out. While there have been other programs on Windows that do this sort of thing, I have always found them quite clunky to use and eats up a lot of resources.

Right now I only turned on the iTunes widget and the Weather widget. You can easily see why I would have either or both on. The iTunes widget at most has used 4% of my CPU when my desktop is displayed and that is only for a brief second. The weather widget uses 1% at most…most of the time I have observed it at 0%. Of course, when I click on them their CPU usage goes up but that is pretty much expected.

So far resource usage seems to be well within acceptable limits and I haven’t noticed any bugs. What a great job. Now time to experiment with some more widgets.