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I have been an owner of a Linksys WRT54G wireless router since about June and I still cannot say enough nice things about it. First of all, never had a problem with getting it working and keeping it working. Of course, it could help that I deal with Linksys products often at work so I know them pretty well.

I have had this unit on 24/7 for 2-3 months straight without requiring a reboot (and I don’t even have an UPS for this). Of course, little power blips here and there could cause it to reboot but I haven’t noticed this happening yet.

Even better, Linksys has released about three or four firmware upgrades for this unit alone, most of them adding features and making minor bug fixes.

I just downloaded and installed firmware version 3.01.3 for the router. So far it appears to be functioning just fine. I’m hoping, since one of the new features is an “updated wireless driver” that the occassional weird 1 second disconnect that I see rarely but at random is fixed. In fact, that is the only bug that I have ever experienced with this wireless router.

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  1. can only say that i had this for a day now and it is so grate used to have a zyxair G-2000 and this is so much better

  2. I got a WRT54G, and it isn’t working very well. I can’t transfer a large file (above 5 mb) via wireless to my laptop. I have tried to transfer to another computer, but it’s the same. There is no problem if I use a cabel. Does anyone know this problem.

  3. @Jonas Primdahl:

    Yes, sounds familiar.

    I can’t send any file from wireless -> wired or vice versa. The router will always reboot within 2-6 seconds of transfer. Just bought two of them, stupid me. The problem is pretty well documented:

    Probably only recently sold WRT54G’s (v2.2, since end of 2004) suffer from this problem. And recent WRT54GS’s. And previous WAG54G’s…

    Linksys has known this for months, but still no fix. Please send your questions and complaints to and

    Older Linksys routers are told to be rock solid.

  4. I have a few questions I surely bet you can help with. I currently have satori 4.0 on two wrt54g routers, on one end there is a wrt54g and a wap54g, on the other end is a wrt54g and wap54g. There are two 12.5dbi line of site antenna’s to link the two together. I can get the internet from the wrt54g wired to the cable modem but not wireless, the 12.5dbi antenna is connected for tx/rx and the AP is supposed to give the client an IP but it isnt working.
    My hope here is to link these two together so I can pick up a wireless connection less that 90 yards away, am I going about this the right way ?

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