Microsoft says Firefox is not threat to IE

Stories like this always make me laugh, especially this quote:

“Vamos, who admitted he has never used Firefox, said there is a lot of hype surrounding the open-source movement and that if Microsoft’s customers wanted new features, they would have told the company about it. “

Many Microsoft customers have told the company about it. It is Microsoft that hasn’t done anything about it.

Also, how can you make a comment (especially even a semi-educated one) about a competitor’s product when you have never used or seen it?

3 thoughts on “Microsoft says Firefox is not threat to IE

  1. I’m pretty sure, they have something in the tube. They are asking users for feature wishes, they have the IE blog. I think they just don’t want to talk about it before it’s finished. Anyway, it’s kind of a sensation, that they even mention Fx.

  2. i have a bad feeling that microsoft will do what they are best at. looking to see what is working (becaused they can’t figure it out themselves) and copy it (making an, as usual, an inferior product), making it part of a microsoft package and using their massive marketing machine to shove it down the throats of the general (and generally gullible) market.
    go bill. conquer the world with inferior, but pretty products.

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