Well it happened

By now, every person not living with their head in a hole knows that Bush won his reelection.

It is time to get something off of my chest. To me, it was a choice between unbelievably awful and very awful this election. Two classic politicans, that are willing to twist their words in every possible direction in order to please as many people as possible and probably please none of them.

I voted Kerry, because I vowed to myself after South Carolina in the 2000 primary to never vote for Bush. Seeing what Bush did to Senator John McCain is forever stuck in my mind. I won’t go further into who I voted for and why I did. It is not important and in my mind was pretty much a desperate vote for a candidate that didn’t fit my beliefs at all, yet happened to be the only real choice against the candidate I despise.

As a classic independent, I am inbetween the two major parties with no clear and easy selection that I can make. I have come to the realization (assuming the current state of things do not change) that the chances of a candidate remotely close to my ideals (running with both conservative and liberal ideas…and everything in between) will never make it to the General Election in my lifetime with the current system we have in place for elections.

I refuse to compromise my beliefs, to dive head first in partisan debate, to take the side of one party and blindly go with its clueless leaders. The day I take the side of one party is the day that party finally reaches my beliefs, not my beliefs reach it.

What am I supposed to do?

I guess I have to hope beyond hope that Bush’s second term is much more centralist. Unless Congress has one or both houses switch to the Democrats in the election two years from now, the chances of that happening are pretty slim I think. Sadly for not only me, but the country as a whole.