Please help out those victims of the South Asia earthquake and tsunamis on December 26th. This horrific tragedy is not over and they need every cent they can get. Here is a direct link to’s donation page, which sends 100% of what you donate to the Red Cross. You can donate as little as […]

From none to a lot

Another thing I did while at home was secure my family’s wireless router, a D-Link DI-514. Before Sunday, it was wide open and anyone could use it. While I checked the (limited) logs on the router to see if anyone outside the house was using it and didn’t find anyone, I was still getting paranoid […]

CCNA on the way?

Lots of things going on in the next few weeks. I am really starting to get going on this Cisco studying, trying to see if I can move closer to choosing a possible test date for my CCNA exam. I am doing a combination of re-reading my CCNA books and a watching Flash-based instruction site […]

Like minds

I guess when they say that like minds think alike, they aren’t kidding. Katie and I both had gifts for each other that were “can’t miss gifts” in our own view. We both couldn’t wait for the other to open the gift. Of course the gift turned out to be the exact same thing, a […]

Day off

Today is my first work day (or school day) off since probably around Christmas of last year. Meaning, I haven’t had a day off when everyone is working in a long time. A few things I have learned: TV sucks. There is nothing good on in the morning and Sportscenter gets old fast. Katie decides […]

Lightning Project – Mozilla's Outlook killer?

It has been announced that the Lightning Project is a Mozilla effort that has its sights set on going after Microsoft Outlook (yes, that Outlook) by tightly intergrating Mozilla Thunderbird with calender functionality. I tell you what. I cannot wait for this! ETA is mid-2005 for the first general-user release. More thoughts on this in […]

Short week

This is going to be a really strange week to say the least. It is Tuesday, done my usual day long shift at a client, and tomorrow is going to be my last day of the work week. How is that possible? I got Thursday and Friday off from work, although a little vacation time […]