A family of Firefox users

Over the Christmas weekend, I accomplished something I had been wanting to do for awhile: switching my entire family over to Mozilla Firefox or at least the latest version of it.

My parents had been using the Mozilla suite the past few months after very ravaged by spyware and adware using Internet Explorer. I didn’t dare switch them to Firefox at the time because it wasn’t as polished as I would have liked (it was fine for me and my brothers, but not parents).

Over this past Christmas weekend, I finally upgraded them from Mozilla 1.7.3 to Firefox 1.0. The main push for this, outside of me wanting to get them on the latest and greatest was my Dad saying “Chris, is there a way this computer can remember what you type in like the computer upstairs?” This was my Dad’s way of saying that he loved the Firefox feature where it would remember (most of the time) what you would type into forms and suggest it in the future (say when a form asks for an e-mail address, you start typing one in and it’ll suggest one you used previously).

So I upgraded them to Firefox. No problems so far and my Mom even said that she used Firefox at work on her computer instead of Mozilla because Mozilla had been acting up, so she went to mozilla.org and saw Firefox. Talk about taking some initative, although my Mom is very computer literate (she got me into this stuff to begin with).

While I was at it, I upgraded the den computer (the upstairs one as my Dad says) to Firefox 1.0 (it had been running 0.9.3). I also made sure all the computers had the latest security updates and plugins (for the most part they did, my brother Danny did a good job keeping stuff up to date).

Next, I am thinking about moving my grandparents from Netscape 7.2 (yuck!) to a combination of Firefox/Thunderbird. Not sure if I am going to do it right away, as my grandparents hate change (they notice things like icon differences really quick) and are a loyal Netscape user (if there even can be one of those anymore). At least they use a Gecko-based browser. That’s a project for another day.

2 thoughts on “A family of Firefox users

  1. Nice story. I’ve been able to get a few friends to use Firefox and I’ve also set it up on my mom’s PC – mainly out of necessity since it is an old Gateway 300 and Firefox runs better on it than the other IE alternatives.

    I tried switching her to Thunderbird, (she uses old Eudora 3.05) so that she would stop complaining about her friends not getting her forwarded attachments (you have to look for them and attach them first) and that she couldn’t see half the rediculous stuff her friends send her in html-formatted mail.

    So, one night I installed Thunderbird, imported her settings, emails, etc… but she FREAKED OUT – the interface was too different for her, I guess. oh, well, I put her back on Eudora 3.05 and she’s happy camper again…

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