Like minds

I guess when they say that like minds think alike, they aren’t kidding.

Katie and I both had gifts for each other that were “can’t miss gifts” in our own view. We both couldn’t wait for the other to open the gift.

Of course the gift turned out to be the exact same thing, a digital camera. So we went from zero digital cameras in the condo to two in the span of 2 minutes. It was quite funny to say the least. I will never forget the expression on her face when she opened her gift first and realized what happened. She then threw my gift at me, saying I better open it now. It was so funny.

That said, both cameras are extremely nice. I got a Samsung Digimax 4010 4.0 Megapixel camera. Takes very good pictures and she bought two 64 MB Secure Digital cards for it. I am not complaining one bit about it, I have waited too long for a camera 🙂

She got a Kodak 4.0 Megapixel camera with a 256 MB Secure Digital card. Her camera is slightly better then mine (she has a better zoom for one), but overall we both have very nice cameras.

Katie also got me a very nice sweater, a light blue color that will be nice to wear at work. As this is our first Christmas in our own place, we didn’t give many gifts to each other, but she really liked the teacher desk calender and stuff I got her.

Overall, a very successful Christmas 🙂 Next up is her Dad’s for Christmas Eve, then tomorrow her step-sister’s and then my family’s.

Only complaint: where is the snow?

3 thoughts on “Like minds

  1. Hey,

    A merry Christmas to you both ;D Just happened to be Googling for Diximax 4010 and wanted to ask you how yours is working out? I recieved one for Christmas as well, and I’m very much wanting to get into photography… But I was looking for a camera that could provide the resolution needed for 8X10 headshots…. How has the camera treated you so far? Anything I should know about? I also recieved the gift receipt from Target… And grandparents sent lots and lots of target giftcards… So I was wondering if I shouldn’t upgrade to a 6 megapixel camera… Or wait til my credit is good enough for a best buy card 😉 Comments? thoughts?

  2. Hi there, I alos got this camera for Christmad– it’s awesome…I love it—–great photos and I love the frames you can add on, although, I’m terribly addicted to Shutterfly for framing….hope you both enjoy this camera as much as I do..

    Jesus Chick

  3. Thanks for the comments. The camera seems to be working out nicely. Only thing I don’t like about it is the zoom is digital, which makes the pictures rather fuzzy the closer you zoom in.

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