This past Wednesday, my brother and I attended the Pixies show in Lowell, MA. Very odd being able to even attend a Pixies concert. We both thought it would never happen, especially since they broke up so long ago (early 90s) and the music scene now isn’t exactly that great for an alternative revival. Here they were though and we literally held our breath the hours leading up to the show.

I tell you what, the wait was worth it. The Pixies were simply spectacular, Mission of Burma was unbelievable as the second opening band (I really need to check this band out), and evening the opening band The Bennies were decent. Mission of Burma really set the standard on how to get the crowd ready for the Pixies, they were absolutely spectacular.

The Pixies were out of this world. Extremely tight on stage, clearly having a blast playing in front of a hometown crowd (they were from Boston originally), and milked every drop of energy out of the crowd. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. Quite magical, as others have said. I will never forget it.

My new top 5 for shows I have attended:
1) Mission of Burma, Pixies
2) Muse, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers
3) Puddle of Mudd (SUCKED), Staind
4) The Ataris
5) Boston