Short week

This is going to be a really strange week to say the least. It is Tuesday, done my usual day long shift at a client, and tomorrow is going to be my last day of the work week.

How is that possible?

I got Thursday and Friday off from work, although a little vacation time had to be used for Thursday (Friday work is closed). A few weeks ago during Thanksgiving I really enjoyed the four day weekend. Long enough to recharge (it technically was my first vacation since last Christmas, which wasn’t much of a vacation at all) but short enough that I could easily jump right back into work when Monday came around.

To top it off, a big event is happening tomorrow night. My parents are going down to pick up my brother from his college for Christmas break. While doing that, they are going to pick up my very good Italian friend Pierpaolo (who’s family hosted me back during my Italy Tour ’99 soccer trip) from Logan and have him spend the next day with my family. So we are all going to go out to eat in Manchester tomorrow night before he goes to my parent’s house for the night. This guy is truly awsome and considering what he has been through the past year, he really needs this vacation. Thankfully he is still around.

Which reminds me, I received a call from him the other day. My cell phone was ringing with a strange long phone number (like 15 digits!). Picked it up and there was my old friend. Good to hear from him.

Friday morning Katie and I are going to hold our first Christmas together in our own place. Quite amazing what has occurred in the past four years and even more amazing that this is just six months since we have had a place together. It should be fun, and then of course we have three family events to attend during Friday and Saturday, which makes it all the better.

I honestly say the past six months starting just before graduation, with everything that has happened at work and with my personal life that it has to be one of the greatest years in my life. Enjoying life is awsome 🙂