WP 1.3 alpha experiment

I am going to start building an entirely new version of my site using the new WordPress 1.3 alphas. It will be hosted at http://www./ until I’m happy with the results (and comfortable enough with the alphas/betas of WordPress 1.3) then I will move it over to replace this current blog.

The new features in this new version of WordPress are simply amazing. From the looks of it I can completely manage an entire web site from WordPress, right down to non-blog related pages (such as a contact page or an about page). The theme switching abilities are simply incredible. Right down the line, there is no reason to not plan for WordPress 1.3.

I haven’t decided yet if I am going to continue using Kubrick or if I am going to write my own theme. The former would be much easier and would probably have fewer issues, the later would allow me to create a site entirely based on my vision and would help me learn more about PHP as well as other web site technologies.