Yes I'm crazy

Today I went out doing last minute shopping for Katie. I already bought her main present weeks ago during Black Friday. However, I needed to get some small presents. Why I do this last minute shopping thing every single year I never can figure out, except that I always seem to perform well under pressure and accomplishing a goal at a deadline. Well, not many situations can give as much pressure as making sure you doing screw up on a gift at the last minute.

I think she will like everything. I put a lot of thought into it, so I really have nothing to lose. That is what matters right?

One thought on “Yes I'm crazy

  1. Since when have you been surprised that you pull of tasks at the last minute? Did we not spend four years at SNHU writing our best papers at 2am the night before they were due? Or was that just me?

    Last minute adds some pressure, some heat to our actions. There is an imposing doom associated with every step, and critical decision behind every word. I like it that way.

    “You and I wear the dangerous looseness of doom and find it becoming.”
    – EE Cummings, Introduction

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