2005 is here

I had a blast down in Boston last night with my girlfriend, my brother Justin, and his girlfriend. We went to a lot of the First Night stuff then went back to his place to hang out and watch a movie. It feels strange, as it does every year, to starting writing 2005 for a date.

Some resolutions for the next year:

  1. Pass my first Cisco exam and get my CCNA certification (I hope this one is happening in the next few months).
  2. Improve my performance on the job (this is sad, my first two resolutions are work related!).
  3. Get my entire web site done, designed to my specifications, and a photo gallery in place. This one I am definitely going to do sooner rather then later.
  4. Finally rip all of my music and organize it on my external hard drive.
  5. While I’m somewhat on the subject, keep my computer files much more organized.
  6. Work on keeping my apartment and especially my desk area organized and clean.
  7. Someday empty out those last boxes from our move that are still in the closet. Someday.
  8. Read more for pleasure. I never ever do that anymore and I feel deprived big time. Rico would lynch me right now if he knew.
  9. Go to a Red Sox game (although it will never top game 3 of the ALDS that I went to) during the 2005 season and see a Patriots game during the 2005-2006 season.

Man, that is one hell of a list.

Happy New Year!

One thought on “2005 is here

  1. No, I won’t lynch you. I may give you some awful look designed to make you feel guilty about not reading… but it’s not about reading… you know that. It’s about thinking. I’ve been reading more than I ever did at school (at least since graduation)… being my bedouin-bohemian self. Doesn’t always pay the bills but it works for me.

    Catch ya later.

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