Firefox on Wired Magazine's cover

I have been using Mozilla since M14 (if I remember right) as well as the first Phoenix (then Firebird now Firefox) builds and while I always dreamed of a Mozilla product taking over the world, I never expected it to happen so quickly. To have the Firefox featured as the cover of a major computer publication is beyond my wildest dreams and it validates all the time I have put in trying out the latest builds of the old Mozilla Suite and then Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox.

Asa is reporting that Firefox will be on the cover of Wired Magazine (I’m guessing it is for the upcoming issue). This is pretty cool because Wired is one of my few magazine subscriptions.The cover, pictured below, features Blake Ross holding the now famous Firefox globe.

Wired Magazine cover image

I agree with Asa’s comments that they should have had more about the Mozilla developers as well as a cover photo that wasn’t focused on one individual (which is far from the purpose of Mozilla), as the media is focusing too much on individuals and not the project as a whole. Putting that side, Blake looks very cool on the cover photo. Hopefully this leads to another spike in the downloads of Firefox…

Is this Firefox’s first cover story in a major publication?