Impressive win

These days, when it comes to the New England Patriots, it is sometimes hard to come off as not surprised when for example a certain play happens or how they win. I admit it, us Patriots fans are spoiled…we have seen it all since Mr. Brady took over three seasons ago. Even when the Pats aren’t playing particularly well or worse, are losing as the end of the game edges closer, I never panic anymore. Never. As a fan, I have so much confidence in the team and the coaching staff that I don’t have the heart attacks that the Red Sox famously gave me over the years.

Yet tonight’s win was something special and was surprising. I never lost confidence in this team despite the constant barrage telling me otherwise.

Considering all of the pre-game hype about Sir Peyton and his incredible offense, the Colts’ offense laid an egg. The Patriots defense was everywhere. I don’t remember seeing a defensive game plan like this in a long time…probably dating back to the Best Gameplan in History ™ during the first Super Bowl vs. the Rams. It was just perfect. Peyton wasn’t committing mistakes so much as he just could not find anyone open. At all.

This one was special. I will remember it for a long time. The job isn’t done though…far from it. I can’t wait for the game next week…just when you think it can’t get any better after beating up Peyton, we get to show those Steelers who are the real champions. I have no doubt the Steelers will provide some nice bulletin board material this week and we will be ready to roar.

3 Games to Glory III – 1 down, 2 to go