Insurance rates go down?!?!

What a surprise today when I got a letter from my insurance company and found out my auto insurance rate went down about $15 (my Dad choked when I told him). Apparently if I read this legal crap right, it looks like my car (a 2001 Saturn SL1) apparently is better then most cars when it comes to collisions and accidents (better as in doesn’t get as much damage and/or it doesn’t cost as much to repair I assume???). As a result, my insurance company decided to reduce my monthly rate pretty significantly (like $90-100 total savings over the next 6 months).

This might not sound like much, but as a recent college graduate, every little bit helps when it comes to paying off these loans. I also heard (although I am not certain) that once I reach my mid-20s insurance rates will drop as I am no longer considered a reckless teenage/college driver, despite never being pulled over even for a speed ticket, warning, or not using a blinker. Absolutely nothing

I know insurance companies screw us usually, but call me surprised and happy at what happened today. Now let’s keep this driving record spotless…