Mac Mini

I’m probably the last person on Earth to blog about the new Apple Mac Mini that was released today.

This has to be simply the most interesting “cheap” computer on the market. Not a cheap white box, but so stylish you are proud to display it anywhere in your house. So small that you could carry it anywhere you want (I will not be surprised to hear that someone is going to install one in their car). Powerful enough that almost any computer task can done on it reasonably well. Let’s face it, you only need so much speed/memory in order to write e-mails and listen to MP3’s.

I really want one and at $499…I think I can pull it off. Not right now, but maybe in a month or two. I haven’t owned/used a Mac outside of going to the computer lab or checking out a friend’s since just before high school.

This is going to make lots of Windows users at the minimum have two computers and at best, switch completely to the Mac. I might be one of those who will switch (at least at home). Screw viruses, constant security problems, and so on. I want something that just works and works well. Thank you Apple Computer.