No Spam?

Matt, who is the lead developer of WordPress, has announced that he completely turned off any comment spam plugins and is relying on the built-in measures that WordPress provides in the version 1.5 betas. I am assuming this means the common moderation list. So far he said, it has worked fine.

I think I am going to try doing this too.

Spam Karma has worked great for the most part (I think out of 50 spams I got recently, it caught all of them except one), but the problem with it is that when a legiminate comment gets caught by it and deleted…it is gone forever. There is no chance to ever bring it back without typing it back in manually. Comments that are borderline “spam” do get moderated, but I have witnessed Spam Karma make some pretty big mistakes before and actually delete legiminate comments even though they have nothing that jumps out to me as spam-like in them.

Which I guess is somewhat acceptable for the most part for a blog like mine if there isn’t too many comments…but a very popular blog and you may have to manually re-enter 10s or even hundreds of legiminate comments that could get caught by Spam Karma and not passed to moderation, instead they get deleted.

I’m sorry, but every comment spam plugin should offer an undo feature for every deleted comment. It is just plain wrong to completely rely on a plugin to correctly determine 100% of the time whether a comment is legit or not when there is no chance to even recover a deleted legit comment. Any software has bugs…what if I install a new release of Spam Karma or another spam plugin and every comment gets flagged as spam and automatically deleted because of a bug? I would flip out over all of my lost comments.

Spam comments are a big problem for almost every blog. Captcha isn’t the answer (one reason is it Spam Karma’s version of it does not work on my blog for some reason), Javascript-based prevention won’t work (since blogs should be open to everything, from cell phones to lynx), a blood sucking plugin isn’t the answer (since it could delete automatically good comments).

Maybe the comment moderation list is the only method that can realistically stop most spam without deleting valid comments. There just has to be an easier way to delete 100s of moderated comments that may have a select few valid comments that were mistakenly captured.