Yesterday I watched both of the playoff games. The Rams/Seahawks game was very good through out it, with just about everything that could happen actually happen. The Jets/Charges game was different…it started off really boring but the 4th quarter and overtime were as exciting as games get.

It is just a different feeling when it comes to the playoffs. As much of a football junkie that I am, I just get even more hooked. I have to watch every game, as any of those teams could at one point play my Patriots. It really hopes me eyes on the players that are on the field (and how they respond to the playoffs) and the coaches on how they coach their team.

Today I have to help out RadioSNHU setup for a basketball broadcast, clean up the apartment, watch the two football games going on today, and then pick up Katie from the airport. Strange she has been gone for four days…it seems like an eternity. Come home safely 🙂