Vacation scheduled

It has been awhile since I took a vacation (not counting a long weekend for Christmas or some holiday). By my estimates, I haven’t had more then two consecutive weekdays off from work (or college) since Christmas Break 2002. Between college, my internship, and now my full-time job, I haven’t had vacation since. Well that […]

Walker returns to Boston

Antoine Walker is a Celtic again. has the scoop along with a great writeup from The NBA Source. This deal is so interesting on so many levels, from the Pierce/Walker reunion to Walker/Ainge’s general dislike for each other, to Payton being traded (with rumors of him being waived and resigning with the Celtics) and […]

Day off

Today is a day off from work thanks to Presidents Day…so of course, a big snow storm is hitting us right now. News says 4-8 inches are expected to fall all day. So I brought Katie to work today and nearly got myself in a couple of accidents. The roads were absolutely awful. Saw a […]

WordPress 1.5

This site is now running the latest and greatest of all blogging software, WordPress 1.5. I have been using the nightlies, so none of the features were a real surprise to me, but I am very excited that 1.5 has been released. Now I am going to work extremely hard on making this a kick […]

IE 7

At long last, Microsoft has decided that it will actually release Internet Explorer 7. I will be watching this really closely. It is clear that Microsoft finally has taken the Firefox threat seriously, as it contradicts statements made by them even weeks ago. What will be interesting is how much effort will Microsoft put into […]

A few weeks to go

Looks like I will be taking my CCNA exam on March 3rd. While I have been reading the books and checking out an online interactive course for awhile, I still feel I have a ways to go before I am really confident and ready for this exam. I think I know the stuff, but I […]