A jumbled mess

It has been an eventful past few days to say the least.

I got in a car accident which really did a job on my rear passenger-side door/window (see pictures below). I’d explain what happened, but I’m not sure if I can legally until everything has been hammered out with the insurance company. So I won’t.

What is left of my car door

Picture of my car door's window

Dealing with the insurance company has been an “interesting” experience. State Farm has actually been pretty decent to me so far in my dealings with them. They were friendlier then I have expected (given the horror stories I have heard about insurance companies) and so far have done pretty much what can be expected.

Right now, it looks like I am not to blame for the accident or at worst, have a very minor blame in it according to my latest discussion with the insurance company. If it turns out I have no blame, I don’t have to pay a cent for the accident and my insurance payments won’t go up.

My car has been towed to a auto body shop and work will begin on it sometime this week as soon as an estimate is sent in.

In the meantime, I’m driving around in a 2004 Nissan Altima paid for by the insurance company. It is a nice car 🙂