Lately, I have been feeling a sense of boredom with Windows operating systems. It seems like I have tapped out my ability to learn about them (at least client versions of Windows, I still have a ways to go with the server versions).

One of the best things I did while in high school and college was beat the living crap out of my Windows installations, trying to break things and then fixing them. For a long time, this was more about figuring out how to break things and then fix them. Eventually, it lead to being a big part of my current job…figuring out how to fix client’s computers.

I really need to work on getting my laptop to dual-boot Linux. There seems to be so much protential in learning that platform and outside of MacOS X (which I someday hope to get a Mac), the Linux platform offers the biggest test, challenge, and learning experience for me I believe.

The key of course is finding suitable replacements for my applications that I run everyday. That is easy for my browser and e-mail client. It is a little harder with my office suite. It is a lot harder for other apps. Also it is important to find suitable replacements that are well designed, something that the Linux world is still working on.

Something to ponder for sure. While I never will get rid of Windows since it is a big part of my job, it would be neat to see what I can do with Linux.