Got in a car accident

I got in a car accident today. Not a scratch on me, but my car has seen better days. The rear passenger-side window is gone and that door is very dented up. I have insurance, so it will cover it all and as a side benefit, I get to drive a 2004 Nissan Altma while I wait for my car to be repaired.

That said, my nerves are shot right about now.

2 thoughts on “Got in a car accident

  1. Sorry to hear that. My dad had a mild accident in France a few years ago – when driving past a parked car, the driver opened his door and sliced off the wingmirror, which then also dented most of the side panels of the car. Worse, it was a hire car, so we had to get a replacement and ended up about £50 out of pocket. The guy who did it to us was Italian, so persuing a claim against an Italian for an accident that happened in France was not worth the effort, we decided.

  2. i got in a car accident a week ago yesterday,may 17’th, it hurt, i now have alot of stitches in my head because of flying debris and i rode in an ambulance and almost blead to death, but i am out of the hospital now.

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