New approach for comment spam

I switched my blog over to the WordPress 2005-02-05 nightly and the cool thing this has is the blacklist feature. Any word that appears on that blacklist automatically causes the comment to be deleted. No notification e-mail, no moderation to deal with.

The reason I did this is that I was getting hundreds of “spam caught” e-mails per day using spam plugins. While on one hand it made me feel better that I could review deleted comments so none that were legiminate were deleted, it also clogged up my e-mail and wasted a lot of my team.

So what I did was put the blatant words that spammers use and that I know my site’s visitors wouldn’t use onto the blacklist. Words that a person might use in a comment that I have noticed spammers use, I put on the moderation list. I then turned off spaminator.

Since then, I have only gotten 10 moderation e-mails this past two days (which is down from 100s of spam deleted e-mails from spaminator). Those 10 moderated comments I took some more words from and put on the blacklist, so in the future that type of spam won’t appear either on my blog.

Talk about making life easier. I went from 100s of e-mails to maybe 2 or 3 in the past 24 hours.