The Big Game Part III

So here we are. We are approximately 8 hours away from the kickoff to Super Bowl XXXIX, with the Philadelphia Eagles taking on my New England Patriots. I am already starting to get the butterflies in my stomach and feel the adrenaline rush starting to creep in.

Since 2001, it truly has been the Golden Era for Boston and New England sports.

Think about it…how low things were during parts 2001. The Red Sox barely finished above .500 and were about to be sold to new owners. The Patriots had just lost their franchise QB and where handing the reigns over to some guy named Tom Brady, who was basically a rookie. The Celtics were pretty much the only decent team in the area…considering the type of basketball they played, it was very obvious they weren’t going to go far in the playoffs. Don’t get me started on the Bruins.

Then this Brady kid actually turned out to be alright. The Snow Game featured the greatest kick in football history. The Super Bowl was a classic David vs. Goliath…with David winning in the last seconds in the best Super Bowl I had ever watched (ok, I’m biased). The Red Sox got new ownership that truly cared and started to do things that made sense (what a concept). The Sox started to do well, ending up nearly beating the Yankees in 2003. Another Super Bowl, which turned out to be nearly as good as the last one, and then finally the Sox beating the Yankees in 2004 and finally winning it all.

Now we are back in the doorsteps of history. One thing remains…that trophy. The Patriots are the best team on the field today. I’ll be proud of them no matter what, as it has truly been an awsome experience and I am forever grateful for it.

However, I know they will win today. Just watch.