Vacation scheduled

It has been awhile since I took a vacation (not counting a long weekend for Christmas or some holiday). By my estimates, I haven’t had more then two consecutive weekdays off from work (or college) since Christmas Break 2002. Between college, my internship, and now my full-time job, I haven’t had vacation since.

Well that is changing. I am taking from May 23rd to May 30th off from work in my first official vacation of the rest of my life (man that just sounds sad).

I’m thinking the first part of the week I will get some long delayed appointments at the doctors office and dentist all squared away. Then on Thursday the 26th I will be flying out to Nashville, TN with my family to help my brother Justin move into an apartment for two months while he does a Graphic Design internship. I will get back on the 30th.

Sounds like fun, even though I hate country music. Katie can’t come because she has no vacation time yet at her job, so I get to rub it in her face like she did to me when she went to Florida without me 🙂