Walker returns to Boston

Antoine Walker is a Celtic again. CelticsBlog.com has the scoop along with a great writeup from The NBA Source.

This deal is so interesting on so many levels, from the Pierce/Walker reunion to Walker/Ainge’s general dislike for each other, to Payton being traded (with rumors of him being waived and resigning with the Celtics) and so more…

Protentially, assuming Payton is waived by the Hawks and resigned by the Celtics, this could go from one of the youngest teams in the NBA to one with a stable veteran core and some great young players coming up. It also puts the Celtics in a position to make the playoffs and do some damage there.

I love this deal. The Celtics have shown flashes of what they are capable of all season long, but this deal has everyone talking again about the Celtics. WEEI’s airwaves were lit up all afternoon on my way home from work with excited callers and Celtics talk…that is a rare thing on WEEI. TV ratings will definitely rise for at least the first week after this trade which protentially could get a bump in ticket sales too.

Go Celtics…I may actually enjoy this ride!