New theme?

I’m trying out the Almost Spring theme that won an award in the WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition. Big props to Becca Wei for designing such a neat theme. The colors I probably will play around with and I want to switch a few things around in the theme, but it is exactly what I have […]

Nothing like music

You would think that being an alumi of an university radio station would make me very interested in discovering new bands and be obsessive with collecting music. For some reason, since I graduated, I have hardly put any effort into discovering bands. Boycotting local radio stations doesn’t help, but who needs corporate radio these days […]

Fantasy Baseball 2005 review

As owner of the Jolly Green Giants, a fantasy baseball team in the GFBA, I attended the annual draft yesterday. Like I said, the draft was held live in person for the first time ever and we had decent turnout as well. It was a blast and I am already looking forward to next year’s […]

Draft day

Today is the my fourth fantasy baseball draft as a member of the Gagnon Fantasy Baseball Association, a league put together by my friend Brian. It is a head-to-head league and the most competitive I have ever been in. The first two seasons in the league, I did extremely well, making it to the semi-finals […]

Feeling better

Well I slept more this afternoon and that seemed to help me out a lot. Feeling a lot less congested and I know it isn’t the medicine talking since I didn’t take another dose. My temperature is back to normal, which is good news. If there is one thing I learned today, that is there […]

Home sick

Not at work today due to having a real bad case of a cold and fever. Fun stuff. I slept a lot this morning after taking some more medicine and forced myself to eat even though I really didn’t feel hungry. Turned on the TV news and lasted about 5 seconds before turning it off. […]

No more zip builds

Apparently is not releasing zip versions of its Firefox and Thunderbird releases anymore. It looks like there are a lot of problems when zip versions are installed and then an installer version is installed ontop of them. I should note first, I don’t use the zip builds, I use the installer. However… This is […]