Draft day

Today is the my fourth fantasy baseball draft as a member of the Gagnon Fantasy Baseball Association, a league put together by my friend Brian. It is a head-to-head league and the most competitive I have ever been in. The first two seasons in the league, I did extremely well, making it to the semi-finals in both seasons.

Last season was an utter disaster, with me landing in a three-way tie for last place in the league. That I blame squarely on myself, as I didn’t put as much effort in the past as I previously did and I had a horrid draft as a result.

This year will be different. I have put together several lists/guides to use in the draft, making it easily the most prepared I have been going into a draft. Taking no prisoners this time around 🙂

The cool thing about the draft this year is that we are doing it live, with almost everyone meeting up at a room at SNHU and doing the draft in person. This is simply going to rock and is going to be quite hilarious.

My three keepers this year are:
1B Albert Pujols
OF Miguel Cabrera
P Javy Vazquez

As you can tell, my team last year was not too good to look at outside of Pujols. However, this year, I expect big years from all three.

I will post on how things went in the draft later tonight.